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4-H True Leaders Campaign

National 4-H Council has recently embarked on a multi-year marketing campaign, raising awareness of how effective 4-H is in developing leaders. Because of Dean Bev Durgan’s strong commitment to 4-H in Minnesota, our state has earned the opportunity to be a target market for this exciting True Leaders campaign. Over the next three years, 4-H will be highlighted in Minnesota media including TV, radio and print. More and more people across our state are going to see just how impactful 4-H is in the lives of our youth. This is an exciting time.

In 4-H, girls and boys develop critical life skills like creativity, problem solving, persistence, collaboration and leadership. They build deep and long-lasting friendships while exploring topics of their choosing and having a lot of fun. And down the road, when we need passionate and compassionate leaders to innovate new ways of living in and sharing our world, today’s 4-H youth will be there. Because of 4-H, they will be ready to lead the way into a bright and hopeful future.
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