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Dean's Column (Nov. 2016)

Dear Extension Retirees,

In our last newsletter, I told you about my effort to bring awareness to how Extension reaches all corners of Minnesota by visiting all 15 of our regional offices and as many counties as possible this year.

As we near the end of 2016, I’m proud to report that I did visit every regional office, and as of early November, have been to 81 of our 87 counties. There’s still time, and I’ll reach my goal!

These trips have been fun because of the opportunity they gave me to visit with Extension employees – past and present – and our donors and partners. In some cases I was able to attend local events, and to conduct media interviews. Most of all, I enjoyed learning more about our programs and seeing the pride all of us take in the excellent work we do for our stakeholders.

I’ve also been pleased to attend all five of the University’s new SPARKS programs so far. The programs offer an opportunity for people in Greater Minnesota to hear from University faculty about current issues in their fields.

The final SPARKS event for 2016 will be in St. Cloud next week (Nov. 10) and two of the three speakers are from Extension: Mark Seeley and Ben Winchester. I hope to see you there, as well as at other programs like it that provide a way for Extension to share all that we do for Minnesota.

Bev Durgan

Dean Durgan with retirees in Rochester (left) and Detroit Lakes

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