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Dean's Column (March 2020)

Dear colleagues,

The last couple of weeks have brought unprecedented changes to how the University of Minnesota operates, in ways that none of us could have anticipated. Extension faculty and staff have responded with creative, thoughtful solutions that allow Extension to continue serving all Minnesotans, even in a crisis.

In accordance with federal and state guidelines, we have cancelled all in-person Extension-sponsored events though May 15, 2020. No one knows how long the COVID-19 situation will last, but most public health leaders predict that this is the “new normal,” at least for the next few months.

Over the next few weeks and months, you will read more in our newsletters, social media and the news media about how Extension is contributing to Minnesota communities through innovation and collaboration. Our communications team has created this form to pass along ideas for stories about Extension’s role in this time of crisis, and I invite you to share stories that you hear about through your networks.

This is a time of many changes for the University and Extension and I am grateful that we have a strong team in place to address the challenge. Please let me know if you have ideas or questions about how Extension is responding. Take care and please stay well.

Bev Durgan

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