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ESP Pi Chapter recognizes members

Each year, ESP Pi Chapter pauses to recognize and celebrate the work of our members. Awards are presented in the areas of service, leadership and teamwork.
The following members and teams were recently recognized at the Oct. 28 Pi Chapter annual meeting:
  • Early Career Service - Sarah Schieck Boelke
  • Distinguished Service - Becky Hagen Jokela
  • International Service - Antonio Alba Meraz
  • 25 years of Service - Kelly Kunkel
  • Pi Chapter Meritorious Support Service - Dawn Horner
  • Diversity Team - Military Families Learning Network Family Transitions - Sara Croymans, Anita Harris Hering, Karen Shirer, Jenny Rea, Vickie LaFollette, Robert Bertsch
  • Distinguished Team - Achieving the Extension Mission Through Volunteers Course - Rebecca Harrington, Kari Robideau, Molly Frendo, Eric Vogel, Rod Buchele, Pat McGlaughlin, Heidi Haugen, Kandi O'Neil, Chris Gleason, Cathy Johnston, Jill Jorgensen, Meg Sage, Dawn VandeVoort, Jennifer Lobley, Steve McKinley, Carrie Olson, Brenda Shafer, Mary Jo Williams, Rachel Vettern

Minnesota Pi Chapter award recipients' applications will be forwarded for consideration on the regional and national levels. To learn more about ESP visit our Pi Chapter Google Site.

Sara Croymans, Pi Chapter president
Marcia Woeste, ESP Pi Chapter Awards committee chair

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