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Media Moment (March 2021)

Olivia Nienaber, 18, active in the 4-H Outdoor Wilderness Leadership and Service program (OWLS), is “the youngest of six winners in the Star Tribune's annual Beautiful Gardens contest, selected from more than 380 reader nominations.”
Star Tribune reporter Rohan Preston writes, “A butterfly whisperer, Nienaber is a home-schooled 18-year-old who turned a 4-H project on the effects of climate change into a calling to help pollinators, the creatures responsible for much of our food and flowers and, thus, life on the planet. Over the past year, she has planted more than 400 flowers, shrubs and trees in 16 gardens on her family's 10-acre homestead, attracting a riot of birds, bees and butterflies. Those efforts have brought her recognition and support in her community.”

Visit the Star Tribune to read Scandia teen gardener and environmentalist is the butterfly whisperer.

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