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Driven campaign update

We have exciting news! We are in the ‘home stretch’ of Extension’s Driven fundraising campaign. With one month to go, Extension has achieved 99% of our $16 million goal.

When the campaign launched in 2012, our dream was to energize and connect donors to Extension’s mission. We envision a state where strong partnerships, discovery through science and diverse perspectives combine to find smart, creative ways to address 21st century challenges. Through the success of Driven, Extension is in a strong position to achieve that vision now and into the future.

We’ve reached a milestone, but the journey isn’t over.

As we celebrate the collective impact of gifts that brought us this far, we also know there is a journey ahead. We face the work of the future with the same optimism and determination that fueled us during the 10-year campaign.

We are excited to see what donors make possible in the campaign’s final month. (The counting period for Driven ends June 30.) Help us reach our goal!

If your family would like to make a gift during the campaign—or discuss an estate gift—today is a terrific time to contact Extension’s development staff: Jane Johnson at or 612-859-9564, Brad Starbuck at or 612-500-8896, and Nancy Frosaker at or 701-212-2471.

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