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ESP-Pi chapter update

As I cross the finish line in my service as Pi Chapter president, I would like to share some closing thoughts. Mike Knutz, past president of our national board, once said, “A bend in the road is not the end, unless you fail to make the turn.” I hope that you have been able to negotiate the twists and turns that have developed during these challenging times.

The connections I have been able to make virtually with colleagues across the state and across the country are a great reminder of why I joined Epsilon Sigma Phi. ESP offers opportunities for Extension professionals to network across all program areas. Leadership development is a strong component for members willing to serve their colleagues as officers and committee chairs or members at chapter and national levels. Professional development is at the heart of the ESP mission. Through this mission, members can learn and grow as well as teach others from their experience. People are at the center of our work both in Extension and within ESP. ESP has played a large role in developing my leadership skills and reinforcing the principle that you build worth in yourself by adding value to others.

I hope that you will engage in ESP, step up to leadership by serving one another and grow your skills. By doing so you will reap the rewards of making a difference and building new friendships.

You now have the opportunity at retirement to purchase a paid-up ESP Life Membership. You can read about the many benefits on the national website.

Robin Trott
ESP-Pi president

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